Ayurvedic Spa Program

Do you greet each day with a lightness of being, a freshness in perspective, and vibrancy in health? When you look after your well-being, this becomes a natural, effortless state. You feel vital, clear, relaxed, and balanced physically and emotionally. But life gets busy and personal health is often sidelined. The body can feel sluggish with dull aches and pains, the mind clouded and busy, sleep impaired, and everything just seems a little out off. Our bodies give us these indicators as a reminder to relax and restore balance.

Panchakarma can help by reversing the negative effects of daily living to restore you to a natural state of health and vitality. Through this therapeutic process, your body and mind are cleared of toxins—bringing your systems back into balance and proper functioning. Lifestyle recommendations based on your unique constitution help you sustain this well-being.


  • Price: 45
  • Duration: 1h 30m
  • Capacity: 1